How much does it cost to use Magento?

Magento is a software that can be downloaded for free, installed and modified. It offers a sophisticated and robust platform which can be customized. Magento is more suitable for businesses which have a clear strategy already in place, have clear directions, have also fixed products and services and have an already targeted audience and market. With a good development team, one can easily build an online store using this platform. Magento offers three different platforms such as

• Magento open source
• Magento commerce
• Magento commerce cloud

The price of Magento depends on the type of platform that one chooses.

Some of the factors affecting the cost of Magento, these include;

1. Platform

Magento community edition is free software that anyone can download and modify. However, the cost of a Magento enterprise platform is highly depended on the type of platform. Although the Magento community platform is free, it comes with fewer features and thus one is required to some of the features that will suit their business. The type of features developed and the time taken to develop them affects the cost of Magento.

2. Domain and serves

Domain and servers are some of the factors that greatly influence the cost of any online venture. The larger the store, the higher the cost of Magento due to the increase in the number of server requirements and also the upkeep costs.

3. Development

Most of Magento stores requires custom development such as creating a custom module, customizing themes or even building out. These custom development requires one to seek help from a Magento developer in Sydney, which ensures that the various developments are put in place for effective functioning and upgrading of the store looks. The custom developments thus affect the cost of Magento in that the more the developments, the higher the cost.

4. Store upkeep

Upkeeps are things that help in running the store such as shipping, stock maintenance, among others. The upkeeps are highly depended on the size and the type of the store. The more the upkeep, the higher the cost of Magento.

5. Hosting

There is a different price for hosting depending on the type of Magento community platform and the provider of the host. For example, in open-source Magento, the price of unmanaged hosting is between $10-250 per month while the cost of managed hosting starts at $190 per month. For Magento commerce and commerce cloud, the cost of managed hosting starts from $500 per month.

6. Extensions

Although Magento offers a variety of out of the box features, sometimes these features might not fully cover all the needs of a store. In this case, the store requires to include more features. The additional extensions enhance different capabilities of the store and also helps to build unique business needs. The price for modules in Magento starts at $50.However, there are currently over 5,000 extensions which are present in the Magento platform.

In conclusion, Magento is suitable for both small and big businesses due to the different price options that the platform offers. According to statistics, the optimum Magento basic website budget is between $22,000-50,000.But based on the above-mentioned factors, the cost can either be higher or lower than that.