As a Web developer, it may be useful to know relevant web site details that compete with yours, such as the amount of traffic they receive, the bulk of their traffic and backlinks from other Web sites. access the internal analytics or server log of a web site you do not own, but much of this information is available to the public and can be retrieved through Web-based tools if you know where to look.


  1. Open a web browser and switch to Type the URL of the site you want to search in the search field and click “Go”. Click the “Get Information” button on the page that is displayed. This page shows the website traffic ranking as well as a list of the most common search terms used to access it.
  2. Moving to Click the “Site Profile” tab at the top of the page. Type the URL of the site you want to search and click “Go”. The Result Page Show the unique number of visitors to the site during a given period of time. Change the time reference by clicking the button above the graph. The bottom of the page displays the most common search terms used to reach the site.
  3. Switch to Type the name of the site you want to check and click “Check Backlinks.” Scroll to the results area on the next page. This tool displays the Google Page Rank and Alexa ranking website. Also, indicate whether the site is listed in the Open Directory Project, and displays the approximate number of sites with links to the website. BlueBacklinks will only search for updated results on a Web site once a week.
  4. Go to and type the name of the site you want to check. Click “PR Review.” On the page that appears, click the “Anti-bot Code” field and type the alphanumeric code displayed in the image in the input field. Click the “Check Now” button to see the Google Page Rank of the Web site.


I strongly suggest that you type in your company name and look at the results. If your business does not appear on the first search page, you have a SEO problem.


Your internet browser (Google Chrome or Firefox) remembers the websites you visited. If you have already clicked 50 times on your website, your browser will give a favorable ranking to your website.The private browsing mode does not take into account the sites you have already visited and gives the exact ranking. This is exactly why most people think they have a good position when it is not the reality.


There are several automatic programs to check and track the progress of your rankings. If you are thinking of buying a program, make sure you can choose the language of the search engine and the location (city).Even if you’re using a program, it’s important to check your ranking manually in incognito mode with Google Chrome or Firefox. This step, although a little longer, also allows you to see the ranking of your competitors. This information will allow you to put your web marketing plan into action.